Calendar of Exhibits 2014
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January 18 – March 1 Teachers and Their Students
Curators: Dan Brown and Patty Yates
An exhibit of the work of regionally-based art teachers who will each choose work from each of their students.

March 8 - April 19 Woman: Lady. Girl. Female. Chick. Dame. Broad. Lassie. Wench. Maiden. An Artist’s Interpretation.
Curator: Nicole Ringgold & Joanne Marracci
A collaborative show depicting women. The show opens on International Women’s Day.

April 26 - May 31 Raven
Curators: Marylou McCollum and Suzi Jennings
A show with a raven theme, including local artists. 

 June 7 - July 26 Our River
Curators: Rich Davis and Jennifer Molesworth
A show depicting the cultural history and fish habitat of the Methow River. Collaborative effort with the Methow Interpretive Center.

August 2 - September 20

Fall In The Methow
Curator: Cheryl Wrangle & Michael Caldwell

   September 27 - November 8 The Big Sleep
September 27-November 8
Curator: Joanne Marracci
This show encompasses Halloween and Day of the Dead

November 15 - January 3 Holiday show: Snow and Indigo
Curator: Jennifer Molesworth