Eats the Sun

Exhibit Sheds Light on Horses and Earth

“Eats the Sun” is raising eyebrows around the Methow Valley. What does the title mean? Gregg Caudell, featured artist in Confluence Gallery’s mid-summer exhibit, explains the poetic reference to his life with horses and painting this way; the sun shines, grass grows and provides what a horse needs to thrive. It is a simple and elegant relationship with the planet that exemplifies a healthy way of relating to nature. Tongue in cheek, it is also what artists do as they go about their business of making light happen within their work. Curator Teri J Pieper creates a show full of the beauty of horses and local landscapes. Along with the paintings and drawings of Gregg Caudell, the June 16 through July 28 exhibit is accompanied by bronze sculptures of Simon Kogan and watercolor paintings by Paula Christen. Pieper brings together these three artists whose work is all very different, but united by the theme of intimate relationships with nature. An opening reception for the exhibit is Saturday, June 16, from 4-8pm.

Gregg Caudell

Gregg Caudell is from Republic, Washington and has spent the last thirty years earning a living with work horses and is proof that you CAN make a living with "a horse and a chainsaw". To him, horses are a great partner in life and his depictions reveal his deep seeded, soulful relationship with them. Gregg’s book, "Horselogger's Manual" and DVD, "A Day Horselogging, the Basics" will be available at Confluence Gallery during the exhibit. Gregg uses various styles and approaches in oils and charcoals to explore the symbiotic relationship between the sun, horses and painters who try to capture them. This includes several works that portray the final years of horse farming when a healthy cycle existed between the sun, horses, men and the earth.

Paula Christen, a Methow Valley treasure, will be showing a series of watercolors entitled Common Ground. Paula states “we have raised our ‘flags of discovery’ in this valley; each representing a dream and a reason for living here. While the dreams do differ, the landscape on which we build our lives, is one shared with our neighbors and those who lived here before”. Paula’s paintings are a reminder and a comparison of personal goals each successive wave of pioneer brings with them. The tools used are different, but each wave is added to the long line of people seeking security, peace or riches in this valley. In conjunction with this exhibit Paula teaches "Quick Start Watercolors - Even if You Think You Can't Paint”, on July 14. It is designed to be an accessible refresher or introductory class.

Simon Koganis a masterful artist of international renown. Born in Russia, he received 13 years of classical academic training in Moscow, including an MFA and an apprenticeship under renowned sculptor Isaac Brodsky. Simon works in virtually every medium, but at Confluence he will show his exquisite bronzes, full of strength and grace. In his equine sculptures he captures the spirit of his subject definitively yet nimbly. A Fellow of the National Sculpture Society, Simon Kogan has a long history of sharing his artistic passion through the teaching of sculpture, painting, anatomy and drawing. Simon teaches a painting workshop at Moccasin Lake Ranch Saturday June 30 & Sun July 1. His passion for art is contagious and anyone serious about becoming a better artist will gain tremendous insight from this workshop.