Beyond the Surface
Robin Doggett, Laura Gunnip and Karel Renard

Confluence Gallery and Art Center invites viewers to dig a little deeper as it presents “Robin Doggett, Laura Gunnip and Karel Renard - Beyond the Surface”, a print exhibit from April 21 until June 9th.

The idea of the printmaker’s canvas is the thread that draws the work and vision together. All three in some way use the printed image, and yet in many ways all three also seek to push the boundaries by incorporating collage, paper construction and assemblage to construct their individual visions. As Robin Doggett states, “In a practical sense, a printmaker’s canvas is the surface of a printing plate - what receives ink and what does not are what coaxes an image into being. We all seek to go ‘beyond the surface’ by integrating multiple techniques into our printmaking.”

In addition, the idea of looking beyond the surface is a conceptual framework for all three artists. Karel Renard uses the precise, intensely focused labor of creating a carved block as a tool to explore her personal, imaginary landscapes - the intricacy and delicacy of her work becomes a path for an inner journey. Laura Gunnip’s highly conceptual printmaking, which includes books, found objects, installation, and text as well as traditional silkscreened and printed imagery, displays a keen intelligence and a precise investigation into materials
and their identities. Robin Doggett’s work expands traditional printed imagery into encaustic methods. Doggett draws inspiration from careful observation of systems and natural structure to explore an elegant web of interconnectedness and form.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Confluence Gallery and Art Center will be hosting an artist presentation and discussion. In addition, Laura Gunnip will be leading a class at Door No. 3 entitled “Twisp - a portrait by the people”, which will invite students to explore new ways of approaching art by creating a portrait of Twisp. A fun class for all levels, participants will go on a treasure search to gather materials to create a paper-based work. The class will culminate in a collaborative work that will be shown at Confluence Gallery.

The gallery will host a reception for the opening of the exhibition on Saturday, April 21st, from 4 until 8 pm. For more information, call Confluence Gallery and Art Center at 509-997-2787.
Karel Renard Hubris
Laura Gunnip Sound

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Article by Laurie Kain